AI-powered music library management for DJs

Search, match, and sequence tracks with surgical precision. Craft sets with seamless harmonic and energetic flow to guarantee a captivated and energized audience from start to finish.

DJ Studio | DJOID

Too many tracks?

DJOID helps organize your music in  fraction of the time

Transform your set preparation into a seamless and efficient experience.


Prepare an incredible DJ set in minutes with Ai

With DJOID, the next generation of AI-powered music management, create unforgettable DJ sets in just minutes. Experience the revolution in music mixing and immerse yourself in flawless performances.

More than a DJ software

Elevate Your Sets.

With harmonic blending & AI-driven perfection.

DJOID's cutting-edge algorithms ensure each mix is flawless. Automatically group and arrange your collections in perfect harmonic-energetic flow, and craft the ultimate performance.


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With DJOID, you'll be able rapidly create cohesive and well-structured playlists for your gigs, ensuring fluid mix transitions, and an enjoyable time on the decks.

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